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2020-2021 School Calendar
Posted On:
Thursday, July 09, 2020




Tue.                 Aug. 4                          Administrative Day

Wed.                Aug. 5                          In-service at Individual Schools

Thur.                Aug. 6                          Abbreviated Day (Registration)

Fri.                   Aug. 7                          County-wide In-service

Mon.                Aug. 10                        In-service at Individual Schools         

Tue.                 Aug. 11                        Administrative Day

Wed.                Aug. 12                        First Full Day of School for Students

Mon.                Sept. 7                         Labor Day (No School)

Wed.                Sept.23                        Parent/Teacher Conference (10:00-5:00)

Fri.                   Oct. 9                          End of 1st 9 Weeks

Mon.                Oct. 12                         Professional Development Day

Tue.-Fri.           Oct. 13-16                    Fall Break

Thurs.              Oct. 22                        Grade Cards Issued for 1st 9 Weeks

Mon.                Nov. 23                        Professional Development Day

Tue.-Fri.           Nov. 24-27                   Thanksgiving Break (No School)

Fri.                   Dec. 18                        Last Student Day Before Christmas


(81 Student Days + 2 Prof. Dev.)




Mon.                Jan. 4                           Professional Development Day

Tue.                 Jan.5                            In-service at Individual Schools

Wed.                Jan. 6                           Students Return to School

Thur.                Jan. 14                         Grade Cards Issued for 2nd 9 Weeks

Mon.                Jan. 18                         Professional Development Day(Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Mon.                Feb. 15                         Parent/Teacher Conference (10:00-5:00)

Fri.                   Feb. 26                         Professional Development Day

Fri.                   Mar. 5                           End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Thurs.              Mar. 11                         Grade Cards Issued for 3rd 9 Weeks

Mon.                Mar. 29                         Professional Development Day

Tue.-Fri.           Mar. 30-Apr 1               Spring Break

Fri.                   April 2                         Professional Development Day (Good Friday)                      

Fri.                   May 21                        Last Full Day

Mon.                May 24                        In-service at Individual Schools

Tue.                 May 25                        Administrative Day

Wed.                May 26                        Last Day of School (Abbreviated Day) Grade Card


(90 Student Days + 5Prof. Dev.)

Approved by Wayne County Board of Education February 20, 2020

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